LongLunch Event 66: Freda Sack

LongLunch Event 66: Freda Sack

9th March 2017 — Glasgow

LongLunch has announced its inaugural event of 2017, with renowned type designer Freda Sack appearing Glasgow School of Art on 9 March.

Freda Sack has a passion for letterforms and enjoys ‘making things happen typographically’. She studied typography at Maidstone College of Art, School of Printing. An increasing interest in the letterforms themselves led to her career as a type designer — working for various font manufacturers and involved with groundbreaking font technology.

Freda co-founded The Foundry in 1990 with David Quay to develop their range of typefaces. From 2001–2013 with her company Foundry Types, she managed The Foundry™ library, and continued with font commissions. The Foundry™ typeface library is now licensed exclusively through Monotype. Her bespoke typefaces include: WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature), NatWest Bank, Science Museum, Cossette, Yellow Pages, Swiss Airlines, Brunel UK railways, and Lisbon Metro.

Currently Freda lives and works in central London as a design consultant, education advisor and mentor – as well as looking after The Foundry typeface library. She is a UCA Board governor (University of the Creative Arts), and as an ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers) Board director and Education Team member she is dedicated promoting typography in all its inspiring forms.

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