Typo Berlin’s Jürgen Siebert on “Brand Talks”

Typo Berlin’s Jürgen Siebert on “Brand Talks”

TYPO Berlin is back on the 27 May with a new theme and a new format which they are calling Brand Talks. To find out more I travelled to Berlin to have a chat with Typo Talks’ director Jürgen Siebert.

“Typo has always been an interdisciplinary event. We’re not a conference for specialists, but for generalists. Our stage has always been open to designers, professors, academics, artists, journalists and many more. With Brand Talks we aim to present another side of the story that often goes untold.” Jürgen tells me over a coffee in his office at Monotype.

“On day 2 of the conference we’re inviting 12 agency/company teams on stage to talk about their work together, side by side. Each duo will have a 30 minute slot to discuss and describe their projects. We’re incredibly excited to see how this format will develop.

“12 talks, 12 brands, 12 designers on stage for 30 minutes each.”

We’re opening the new format with a keynote by Michael Johnson, who will be followed by Pentagram with Mastercard talking about the newly unified brand, Mutabor with Deutsche Fußball Liga on the redesign of the Bundesliga, KMS Team with Skoda, and Strichpunkt with Audi to name but a few.” he says.

Personally I’m eager to see how this new format plays out. It’s rare to compare both sides of the creative process after a project is completed. It’s bound to offer some unique insights for creatives but also for anyone involved in brand management .

If this isn’t enough to convince you to travel to Berlin, TYPO has of course also announced an exciting line-up for their main stages and workshops loosely gathered around this year’s theme “Wanderlust”. You’ll find some FFF regulars on stage such as Oliver Jeffers, James Victore, Rejane Dal Bello, Underware, Eike König & Erik Spiekermann (who is back on stage as a speaker, rather than MC).

With around 1,500 visitors and more than 60 speakers lecturing on 5 stages, as well as workshops and panels over 3 days, TYPO Berlin has become a highlight on our event calendar.

Make sure you grab the Earl Bird tickets which will be available for the next 48 hours and we’ll see you in Berlin.


All images except cover © Gerhard Kassner / Monotype, all monochrome images © Norman Posselt / Monotype.

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