Arena Annual Report

Arena Annual Report

by Ellis Jones

Beautiful Annual Report for Australian Government agency, ARENA, by Ellis Jones

The brief for both was to deliver a concept and aesthetic that was ‘not what you’d expect from a Government agency’, evoking the mould-breaking innovation ARENA facilitates through its grants and knowledge exchange programs. Ellis Jones’ response was to employ a system of super display sized typography, combined with layout that could be applied seamlessly to physical and digital applications.

In the digital report, (available here) we created a number of custom user interactions with the interface, to bring data and statistics to life, this included live animation that responded in browser to the user’s cursor, interactive ‘clickable’ funding tables, ‘counting’ figures and more. Says Creative Director, David Constantine.

The annual report followed a suite of brand work also completed by Ellis jones.



Mark Lobo


Felicia Eriksson

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