Australian Design Radio

Australian Design Radio

by Christopher Doyle & Co.

The new Christopher Doyle & Co. website is packed with excellent new work, but I still haven’t shared this identity for the Australian Design Radio they designed a while back.

“ADR is a podcast based in Sydney, Australia that aims to provide the global creative community with conversations and commentary on Australian Design. Referencing the visual language of equalisers and Australia’s country shape we developed a living. In its resting ‘off-air’ state the mark consists of nine EQ bars, aligned in sets of three, to reveal the letters ADR. Whenever and wherever an episode is ‘on-air’ the mark then responds in real time to the rhythm and frequency of the conversation being had. Snapshots of these ‘on-air’ states were then captured to be used across print and digital applications.

The result is a living, breathing identity that constantly shifts in shape, form and volume based on the conversations that drive it.”

Perfection, if you ask me!

Glenn Garriock

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