Dalton Maag Launches Two New Fonts

Dalton Maag Launches Two New Fonts

Dalton Maag have launched two new library fonts today: Soleto and Prometo. Soleto is primarily for text use and Prometo for display use. Though separate products, they have been designed to work in perfect harmony with each other.

The design process began in early 2012, with the first sketches for Prometo developed in Dalton Maag’s Brazil office. The font that was envisaged was a squarish and geometric design. Originally planned to be a display typeface and comprising 14 weights, Prometo is suited to wayfinding and use at large sizes.

During the development of Prometo it was decided to also take the design in a direction that was more appropriate for text use, resulting in Soleto. Soleto is the softer and less angular sister of Prometo. It takes much of Prometo’s original structure into its makeup, but is more traditional in shape and has a refined elegance to it that works well for large areas of text. The family is also comprised of 14 weights and is manually hinted for good on-screen appearance.

Fabio Haag of Dalton Maag said:

“These are two very contemporary font families, each optimised for their respective usage. Many designers contact us asking for advice on what they should look for when choosing a display font to match a text font and vice versa. With the advice we give in mind we have created two font families that designers can combine with confidence.”

For more information, or to purchase the fonts, visit Dalton Maag.

Jack Daly
  • Written by Jack Daly
  • Posted on Feb 25, 2014

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