Grand Matter

Grand Matter

by Chris Clarke

Grand Matter are a new talent agency and platform hoping to help artists bring their greatest work into the world.

Their hand-picked roster spans a range of disciplines, from illustrators and designers, to makers and art directors. Launching with some firm FFF favourites like Alec DohertyJoe CruzOwen GildersleeveSaskia PomeroyToby Triumph on their roster. That in combination with the hands-on experience of a practicing illustrator (Ciara Phelan), the commissioning and client-side knowhow of an agent (Dorcas Brown) and identity designed by Chris Clarke they make a great first impression.

“To me Grand Matter is a brand with versatility and substance, there is a lot to draw from and have fun with. A mostly typographic route, the authoritative sans and the more relaxed and crafted serif work in harmony together. It was important to to convey a trustworthy, human feeling brand.” — Chris Clarke, Creative Director

Glenn Garriock

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