London Type Tours

London Type Tours

John Wesley Memorial Close Up

For all our readers in London if you haven’t come across St Brides near Fleet Street it’s a great resource for graphic designers. As part of their every growing resources and in collaboration with TYPE, they’ve been running Typographic Tours around London which give an insightful look at the history of the Fleet Street area. I had the opportunity to go along to one recently, guided by John Voller who was a wealth of historical information.

The tours run from St Brides to Fleet Street to the Noon Dial at Paternoster Square to Museum of London and the Barbican and then back round to St Pauls picking out various places of historic typographic interest both new and old. It seems to be a running theme how much of the industry or printing came to be because of religion in the 15-16th Century onwards. They attract some fascinating people from the industry that are just as interesting as the history and locations themselves.

The tours run a couple of times a month and cost £10 which includes a donation to St Brides. More details can be found on the TYPE website and booking for future tours.

Pictured is a close up of the beautifully cast John Wesley Memorial out side the Museum of London.

Gil Cocker

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