Modern Era

Modern Era


James Kape and Briton Smith from OMSE have recently launched their own type foundry aptly named OMSETYPE. The foundry website is well considered and packed with interactive features, well worth a visit to learn more about OMSETYPE and their first typeface release, Modern Era, a beautifully crafted sans-serif.

“Modern Era is distinctive for its large x-height, low stroke contrast, pronounced arcs, beveled stroke joints and its contrast of wider circular characters with narrower characters. 

These features give what was initially conceived as a functional typeface an idiosyncratic, friendly character making it equally suited for body copy and display type.

The character set includes over 520 glyphs providing support for over 60 languages. The release also incorporates enhanced OpenType typographic and layout features including a number of stylistic alternatives.”

You can cop a limited edition specimen to go with your typeface purchase, the specimen provides a detailed overview of the Modern Era type family and graphics showing type in use.

Ravi Vasavan