Montefiore Specimen

Montefiore Specimen

by Colophon Foundry / The Entente

It’s Friday afternoon, the sun’s out (in Cardiff at least) and Colophon have just released a new type specimen to show off the updated Montefiore, growing from two weights to six.

“Originally referenced from a Victorian road sign found in Hove, England. It was drawn from a single photograph of Montefiore Road. The production methods utilised on the sign added warmth and depth that, through process affected the form of the type.

Initially drawn in two condensed weights, the typeface was created in a way not to re-draw it like-for-like, but by extrapolating an essence — this was pushed across the full two weights. In 2017, Montefiore was extended and updated to include six weights, and further language support.”

The specimen presents re-imagined instances of signage, printed with metallic silver, blue, green, black and some funky uses of spot varnish as a nod to the reflective surface of road signs.

Limited to 500. Act fast.

Samuel Mallett

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