Percival Japanese Weave

Percival Japanese Weave

by Percival Clothing

As a precursor to launching their spring collection, and continuing the theme of using unique patterns where possible Percival have put together a ‘capsule run’ of Japanese custom shirts. They’ve teamed up with a Tokyo based supplier to source and produce a run of 5 rare brushed cottons woven on traditional Japanese looms. An ideal weight for wearing as a single layer on a warm spring day or under jackets during the colder evenings. The shape is based on their classic shirt cut with signature coconut buttons.

“We’ve been working with our Japanese cotton supplier since our very first season 6 years ago. The fabrics they produce have fantastic handle and detail, they use traditonal looms that give the fabric an artisan quality. Fabrics like the Grey Speckle are a classic nep weave we’ve brought back season after season in different colour tones and always goes down really well.

To create a nep (essentially the speckled aesthetic) one of the yarns is usually a weaker tensile strength so it snaps along the weaving process creating lots of protruding yarns. We asked them if the nep weave could be knitted into different types of pattern, we want to see how tightly woven patterns could tonally balance next to one another. The fabric they came back with was amazing. We’ve called it the ‘Yozora’ (or 夜空 in kanji) meaning ‘night-sky’, the variations of weave in the stripe represent the different night sky’s of winter and spring.”

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Luke Tonge

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