Riks Typeface

Riks Typeface

by Monokrom

Monokrom type foundry have released Riks, a stencil typeface in two styles; Normal and Negativ.
And it’s free. Positive.

The Negativ style offers master drawings for producing typographical stencil letters capable of reproducing any text. They even produced a set of pared down water-cut steel stencils in 200 points. And kindly, they’ve offered to lend out these stencils if you’re a local. Lucky locals. Another reason to love Norway.

On top of that and as mentioned,  Riks itself has been released under a free license. Why?

In their words…

There are two reasons: Firstly, we want more people to notice our work,

(We see you!)

…and Riks, being a relatively simple production (or so we thought) derived from an older design, seemed fitting for such a giveaway. Secondly, we consider these letterforms a piece of Norwegian cultural heritage and thus only fair to offer free-of-charge to the general public. If you want to support the production of stencil cuts in additional characters and sizes, please consider purchasing a Desktop license instead of the default Gratis license.

Sounds good to me. Let’s all do that. Lovely project and a really nice way to get it out there. Note that this is also an extension of the Telefon family which is worth checking out itself along with the rest of the catalog.

Ed Watt
  • Written by Ed Watt
  • Posted on Dec 1, 2017

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