Riso D’uomo

Riso D’uomo

by Here Design

Milanese artisan rice brand RISO D’UOMO has revealed a new visual identity by Here Design, who found inspiration in the ornate marble floor tiles of this remarkable cathedral.

Using rich tones of navy blue and terracotta which are derived from the striking colour of the marble floors of the Duomo, the new brand identity adopts a timeless quality and strong design aesthetic, standing out on the shelf.

Often referred to as ‘the king of rice’, Carnaroli delivers high-quality nutritional properties and supreme cooking consistency, maintaining its ‘bite’ for the perfect risotto. RISO D’UOMO cultivates only genetically pure Carnaroli rice from the same stock for hundreds of years.

Here Design therefore delivered an authentic design rooted in the history and heritage of the product, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to artisanal techniques, and differentiating it from the plethora of rice varieties on offer.

Glenn Garriock

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