Rotate° are a digital design & development studio working out of a former furniture makers workshop in Bethnal Green, London. 12 months after the studio’s conception they found their niche crafting beautiful, highly functional eCommerce websites, exclusively for luxury-lifestyle brands such as Seedlip, Loewe, Tracksmith and Bamford.

We spoke to co-founder and design director Adam Robbins to learn more…

How did Rotate° get started?

Just over 4 years ago now, Jim Tattersall (co-founder) and I left another digital studio where we’d built a good working relationship together, and wanted to find a way to keep that going. We were essentially a design and development duo who shared a love of both design and the web, and wanted to keep making great things. The first 12 months of Rotate° were spent working remotely, intentionally taking on range of different projects to get a handle on what it was that really excited us about digital.

What made you focus on eCommerce?

During that initial year we launched an eCommerce site for a male grooming brand and got a real buzz from working on something that went beyond aesthetics and user experience — this project gave us metrics (sales, customer profiles etc) and we began to obsess over things like speed and conversion rates, pouring hours into tinkering with the site to get the numbers up. Soon after we started working on our second eCommerce site, this time for Seedlip, the world’s first non-alcoholic distilled spirits. Everything positive we felt about the first project we also felt at the second, and it was then we knew we’d found out niche.

How did you decide to work with luxury-lifestyle clients?

Naturally our first two projects fell into that category. We noticed that clients from the luxury sector tended to have a more immediate appreciation for design and knew the importance of brand identity and craftsmanship. We’ve undertaken successful and enjoyable projects outside of this arena too, but it’s an industry we keep coming back to. We’ve been lucky enough to work with well-established brands, such as Tracksmith, Loewe, and Not-Another-Bill, all of which obsess over their products and brand assets – a factor that filters down into the excitement of the team in the studio. Even our non-designers are visually led, so it’s important for us to have projects that the whole team can get behind.

What’s next for Rotate°?

So far 2018 has been super busy for us — We’ve relocated, moving from a warehouse space in London Fields to a former furniture markers workshop in Bethnal Green. We’ve also picked up some great new clients from both the fashion and drinks world and are currently expanding the team.

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