by Matthew Vernon

As part of a new weekly (by weekly I probably mean monthly) series we’re going to invite designers to pick 5 of their current favourite typefaces. Couldn’t decide if we should call it Font Friday or Type Tuesday… but it’s Tuesday, so hey! Let us know which you prefer on Twitter.

Anyway, first up is freelance digital designer Matthew Vernon from Sydney, Australia. He’s also behind Neue Goods, Foundry.nu and the Sketch&Semplice site.


Morion ↑

Morion is a a decorative sans-serif with some really interesting alternate characters that give it an almost gothic style. It is a versatile typeface, coming in two weights – that can be used to create small and delicate layouts, or harsh and loud compositions that demand attention.


Neographik ↑

Neographik is a single-weight typeface developed by Monotype, quite a few years ago. It’s blocky and neo-futuristic design has famously been used in by the New Museum re-brand completed by Wolff Olins in 2008. The typeface is a vintage style take on futurism that pairs well with emerging brutalist design trends.

Noe Display ↑

Noe Display is a surprising sans-serif, in that it contains a bold and striking design complete with sharp edges and corners – while still providing a graceful elegance and fluidity. It is the perfect typeface for creating modern and bold headings.

Px Grotesk ↑

I love the versatility of Px Grotesk. On close inspection, it’s got some really weird elements that allow it to be used as a display typeface for headings and bold compositions, but it is still toned down enough so that it could also be used as body copy, without any loss in readability.

Galapagos ↑

Galapagos by Dinamo is one of the weirdest display typefaces I’ve seen. It’s based on a board game created by Felix Salut, which includes a set of tiles containing 9 distinct curves and shapes. By lining combinations of the tiles up, it is possible to create shapes that closely resemble letters. Dinamo worked closely with Felix Salut to compose the 9 distinct modules into 7 different alphabets, in a variety of weights. It’s weird and borderline unreadable – but it’s definitely fun.


Thanks to Vernon for taking the time. If you fancy picking 5 typefaces for us then get in touch on Twitter.

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