Wade Jeffrey Portfolio

Wade Jeffrey Portfolio

by Sons & Co. / Thirty / Max Weisel

New York-based Designer and Art Director Wade Jeffree just launched his new portfolio designed by Sons & Co. and built by Thirty.

Wade believes that work and life are truly intertwined and with that in mind, attempted to create the ultimate “personal website” that removes all mystery behind the day-to-day of his life, broadcasting activities, live heart rate, current location, unread emails (anxiety inducing, I know), current song, and—of course—my portfolio, to the active viewer.

Through the use of an Apple Watch and custom application by Max Wiesel, information is collated and shared to the site and is updated consistently throughout the day. Activities may include “working,” “hydrating,” “ballin’,” “stressing,” and even “loving,” all of which are made apparent with respective videos.

It’s a pretty fun take on the over-sharing personal stats site but it’s also a pretty great example of a portfolio. Check it out.

Glenn Garriock

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