Biennale Arte 2017, Venice, Italy

Biennale Arte 2017, Venice, Italy

Support by Lorenzo Quinn
Venue: Ca’Sagredo

I can think of no city better suited to hosting a major art show than Venice. A location which has for centuries inspired the world’s greatest artists, how fitting that it hosts the international contemporary art show; Biennale Arte.

In it’s 57th event, the Biennale is a generous idea –  120 artists from 51 countries come together to exhibit in various venues all throughout the city – much of it free to visit.

Central to the exhibition is an underlying theme of liberation and generosity. Inspired by humanism, this international exhibition celebrates mankind’s ability to control the dominant powers that govern world affairs, which if left unguarded, can cause harm to the human dimension.

Notable exhibitors include big hitting names such as Ai Weiwei, John WatersMarcel Duchamp, Frances Stark, and Alicja Kwade among new and exciting young artists.

Werken by Bernardo Oyarzun
Venue: Chile pavilion

Venetian Rhapsody, The Power of Bluff by Cody Choi
Venue: Korean pavilion

Buoyant plaster burlesques by Phyllida Barlow
Venue: British Pavilion

’Venice Stream by Takesada Matsutani 
Venue by Arsenale

The Biennale runs until November 26th – tickets to the main shows at Giardini and Arsenale available here, with several free shows available across the city.

Sean Rees
  • Written by Sean Rees
  • Posted on Sep 10, 2017

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