Lucky Hands

Lucky Hands is a playful collaboration between artists Malika Favre and Alice Balas. Together they created 4 exclusive limited edition pieces inspired by playing card, bringing together Kings, Queens, Jacks and Jokers. The project was born from the mutual admiration of the two artists and from the concept of a «Lucky number» always hidden on the inside of Alice’s jackets.

“At the heart of this collaboration, there was first and foremost a will to create a contrast between the traditional card figures and the rock and roll vibe of Alice’s jackets…”

— Malika Favre

The starting point of this collaboration is the 30 limited edition leather jacket «Golden Queen», made in Paris in the designer’s workshop and each piece is hand numbered and signed by Alice herself.

The deck of cards are Malika’s twist of traditional card iconography, bringing her unique graphic sensibility, bold colour palettes and elegant design approach to the deck. Printed on a beautifully textured paper and enclosed in a luxurious gold foiled and embossed box is edited in collaboration with Grimaud, the iconic playing card manufacturer, turning this unique limited edition deck into a rather collectable object.

Who’s up for a game?


Glenn Garriock

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