If you travel a lot the ingenius Currency App by Simple Simple will quickly gain a permanent spot on your home screen. It has a beautifully minimal interface for quick access to conversions and with over 160 currencies from all over the world you’ll always be up to date.

I got in touch with Alex Penny, the designer of Currency, to ask him about the project.

Hi Alex, tell us a little about the team behind Currency.

Last summer I contacted developer Matt Davenport to collaborate on some iOS projects. Matt is a developer in Manchester, UK and I’m a designer in New York. We decided to start on something small, and quick to make. So many basic utility apps are available, yet most lack in any thoughtful and useful design. Eventually we decided a simple, well designed currency converter was completely missing from the app store.

What problems where you hoping to solve with a ‘better’ currency app?

Matt and I experimented with different interfaces, and took a break to mull things over. While traveling through France and Switzerland I realized the reoccurring necessity I have for converting multiple currencies while abroad. People traveling are often skipping from country to country, and comparing the conversions between currencies all at once is so helpful.

I love the graphic flags you designed, is there one for every currency?

Yes, the flags were inspired by navy signal flags. I started designing the flags for every currency, then simplified the details to replicate iconic swiss posters. After meticulous illustrating, we had 160 cohesive flags, the centerpiece for Currency.

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us Alex!

You can download the Currency app from the App Store

Glenn Garriock

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