Mice, Ants, and the Lazy Dog

Mice, Ants, and the Lazy Dog

FontFont teamed up with award-winning Berlin based film production company Stark Films to launch their new and improved Web FontFonts — now including OpenType layout features that have been stuck in desktop publishing software for years.

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1,600+ of their fonts are now supported by all browsers (apart from Safari), setting free the magic of ligatures, stylistic alternates, figure sets, fractions, small caps  swashes.

Focusing the film around the renowned typographic phrase ‘The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog’ the Stark Film team created a series of scenes using different FontFont typefaces to recreate the attributes of OpenType. From magnets, ants, a mice maze, to laser cut letters, the film takes you on a typographic journey through the aspects of next-level web typography.

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“Putting across the features of OpenType to those outside of the industry, and many within it, can often be complicated and confusing, so we wanted to work with a team who were not connected to the world of typography and who could bring these features to life in an imaginative and ingenious manner.”
Head of the FontFont Marketing Team, Ivo Gabrowitsch

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Check their swish microsite to see the features in action. Don’t forget, no Safari…

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Samuel Mallett